1. Research Projects
From 1999 to 2008, teachers of the Department have conducted 90 research projects granted by the government.

2. Brown Bag
Since 2000, the Department of Political Science has been holding faculty research study presentations called the ¡§Brown Bag¡¨. Teachers are invited to take turns and share their research studies with theirs colleagues.

3. Research Center
Center for Globalization Studies
Center for EU Studies
Legislative Research Center
Center for U.N. Studies
Metropolitan Governance Study Center
Workshop of Human Rights and Democracy

4. Publications
The teachers in the Department of Political Science are keen on the publications of their research in various journals or seminars. Since 1999, 446 research articles have been published by the department¡¦s teachers and students.

5. The Soochow Journal of Political Science
With its first issue released in 1991, the Soochow Journal of Political Science has continued to develop its reputation. Besides its strict anonymous review system, it also invites papers from the public in order to be more diversified and resourceful in its content. In addition, the Soochow Journal of Political Science has been included in the in TSSCI ¡]Taiwan Social Science Citation Index¡^. Since the journal changed to a quarterly publication in September 2004, it has become one of the main reference publications in the field of social science.

6. Thesis Presentations
The Department of Political Science encourages students to present their theses and look for publications. Conference on MA Students' Theses and Conference on Doctoral Students¡¦ Theses are held each year, furthermore, Soochow Forum for students who study international affairs has become a tradition.

7. Conferences
In order to enhance academic exchange and develop new knowledge, the Department of Political Science has invited many renowned intellectuals both in the academic and practical application fields to speak at Soochow University. The speeches and workshops have drawn much attention and have led to many interesting academic discussions. In the recent decade, we have held 21 large academic conferences, many of them are international ones.