@Part-Time Faculty@
Name & Title Current Position Website Education Expertise
Cheng-Yi Lin

Research Fellow & Director, Institute Of International Relations, National Chengchi University @
Ph. D., Department of Government and Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia International Relations, National Security, Sino-American Relations
Huo-Yan Shiu

Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica @
Ph. D. in Political Science, Florida State University Political Psychology, Comparative Political Culture and Behavior, Elections and Voting Behavior, Taiwanese and East Asian Politics and Behavior
Ying-Wen Tsai

Sun Yet-Sen Institute for Social Science and Philosophy, Academia Sinica @
Ph. D., Graduate Institute of Politics, University of York, UK Contemporary Western Political Philosophy, The History of Western Political Thoughts, The History of Thoughts in Post-Chin Dynasty, The Philosophy of History
Chin-En Wu
Associate Professor

Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica @
Ph.D. Political Science: University of Michigan Political Economy, Comparative Institutional Analysis, Ethnic Politics
Kuan-Chiu Tseng
Associate Professor

Department of Civic Education and Leadership, National Taiwan Normal University @
PhD in Public Administration, National Chengchi University E Cross-sector Governance E Electronic Governance E Bureaucracy Politics E Human Resource Management in Government
Szu-Chien Hsu
Associate Professor

Institute of Political Sciescea, Academia Sinica @
Ph. D., University of Columbia, New York Comparative Politics, International Relations
Tien-Mu Huang
Associate Professor

Vice Chairperson, Financial Supervisory Commission @
Doctor of Public Administration, University of Southern California Public Organization and Management, Development Administration, Financial Regulatory Policy
Wen-Hsuan Tsai
Assistant Professor

Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica @
Ph.D, National Chengchi University Political Reform in the CCP, Political Institutions in the CCP, Comparative Politics, Comparative Authoritarian Regimes